Gamers Fighting Covid-19

Online Tournaments

LANFest is hosting online charity video game tournaments to raise money for organizations battling Covid-19. Since COVID19 has stopped us from meeting in person, we decided to fight back.

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building a gaming community through gaming

Our mission “LANFest is dedicated to empowering gaming communities and supporting charitable efforts by creating unique gaming experiences,” is the driving force behind everything that we do in the organization.

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LAN parties are some of the best experiences you can have! You build new friendships and strengthen old ones. Find a LANFest chapter near you and join the fun!

We LOVE Our Sponsors!

our sponsors are the backbone of lanfest

Our sponsors make everything we do at LANFest possible! From prizing, partnerships, services and more, our sponsors play a huge part in what LANFest does.
LAN All Night-Dallas chapter dropping off food to local charity.

Q1 Supported Charities

Buffalo Greyhound Adoption Foundation

Operation Homefront

North Texas Food Bank

Each chapter chooses a local charity to support!

...thanks to our participants and our sponsors!

We've raised:
for charities across the United States.

Q1 Charity Support

Each quarter, LANFest rolls up all the proceeds from chapter events and sends this money to local charities across the United States. Here are the charities we supported for Q1 2020: Buffalo Greyhound Association, North Texas Food Bank, EI.BO, and Operati



Play Games! Build Gaming Communities! Support Charity!

LANFest is dedicated to building gaming communities and supporting charitable causes. How can you support LANFest? Make a one-time donation, or a re-occuring donation. When you support us, we support you!

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Check out the schedule below for current and upcoming LAN parties and gaming events hosted by our regional chapters across the US.

June 5-6, 2020

Overwatch Tournament