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LANFEST has been building healthy communities through gaming since 2002.

In 2002, a group of 20 people got together to play video games at the Intel campus in Washington State. This was the first LAN (Local Area Network) party that LANFest hosted.   This small group soon became 700 people at the first site, spanned across several states at multiple sites, and now has over 400 volunteers helping build healthy communities. LANFest discovered that deep sense of community that can be found in all types of gaming; PC, console, VR, tabletop, and mobile.  

Almost 20 years later, LANFest now spans 16 states with 18 chapters.  These are local volunteers building healthy communities for everyone through gaming.  You can expect to see families playing together at a LANFest event,  educational panels and workshops, and fundraising for local charities.

The 3 pillars that LANFest embodies are: a safe place for everyone to belong, a community that has fun through gaming, and doing good for our local community partners.