We Are LANFEST: The Briggs Family’s 20-Year LANFest Legacy

Katie Briggs’ first experience with LANFest began more than 20 years ago when her husband mentioned a weekend gaming event with friends. He wanted to take their family, which included their four young children. Katie was worried about too much screen time, but she agreed.

Over time, Katie started taking their children and their friends to InfernaLAN and PAX as rewards for completing chores, homework, and other activities. These events became a regular part of their family life. Katie discovered that the LAN community was a supportive environment for raising children. The attendees taught her children about gaming safety, network skills, and other valuable skills they use in their jobs today. These events provided safe spaces for learning and growth.

Now, 22 years later, the Briggs family still enjoys attending LANFest events and helping out when they can.

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​With more than 4 million volunteer hours and 22 years of gaming, LANFest strives to build healthy communities through gaming by providing safe spaces for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and affiliations! This year we're celebrating creating safe spaces through gaming by creating Home-based LAN Events across the US where members of LANFest communities from all across the nation can have fun, build community, and share that goodness locally through LANs Across America!


LANs Across America 2024!

We're bringing a LANFest event to YOU! Join LANFest in our 3rd Annual LANs Across America where you can be featured on the LANFest Twitch Channel during the event as we celebrate grassroots gaming and the communities we build by hosting Online and Home-based LAN events! LANs Across America brings friends and family together for the holidays as we encourage gamers to host a LAN event in their homes with friends and family! Community Members that register their Home-Based LAN and meet the minimum fundraising goal are eligible to receive a Sponsor Bundle and LANFest Swag to showcase at their event!



Register your Team to host a Home-based LAN event by creating a team through the LANs Across America 2024 DonorDrive! By registering your team to host a Home-Based LAN event December 6-8, you have the opportunity to get your LAN featured on the LANFest Twitch Channel as we celebrate 21 Years of LANFest!

      • The top 5 fundraisers in Quarter 2 (April-June) will be entered to win an Intel i9 1300KF processor!
      • Raise $25 and receive an exclusive 2024 LANFest Fundraiser Lanyard
      • Raise $100 and receive an exclusive 2024 LANFest Fundraiser Keychain
      • Raise $200 and receive an exclusive 2024 Magic The Gathering pin set (limit 25)
      • Raise $500 and receive a Razer Huntsman Keyboard (limit 30)

Register to Fundraise HERE!

  • By registering as a Team to host a Home-based LAN event you have the opportunity to earn a Sponsor Bundle and LANFest Swag to showcase at your event! In order to be eligible to receive these rewards your team must;
    • Register to host a Home-based LAN Event during LANs Across America
      • December 6-8, 2024
    • Post on Social Media about your participation in LANs Across America and share it with LANFest by tagging us, @LANFestgames!

Did you know that LANFest was created all the way back in April of 2002? The first LANFest event was in collaboration with the Intel DuPont Campus in Washington! That means that LANFest is 22 years old! Join LANFest in the celebration during the LANs Across America Campaign and thank our community for another amazing year of gaming, community, and charitable giving! Learn more about how you can celebrate with LANFest below! 👇

  • Donate $50 to building healthy communities, and receive a Limited Edition LANFest stainless steel mug!

Share Your Story!

With 22 Years of Gaming, Fun, and Charitable Giving, LANFest and members of the community certainly have amazing stories to tell! Now tell us them! We want to hear from YOU! Share your story of how LANFest has been part of your life! Share how you and your friends conquered a LANFest Tournament or maybe won that lucky raffle, no matter how crazy, goofy, or whacky the memory, we want to hear it!

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