Introducing the LANFest Charity Stream Zone at PAX East 2024!

PAX East just got even better with the launch of the LANFest Charity Stream Zone! Right in the heart of the gaming action, this awesome space brought together content creators from all over to support causes they’re passionate about during PAX EAST BYOC LAN.

Here’s a quick look at what went down:

  • We reached over 52,200 people on Twitter through LANFest.
  • With over 100,000 PAX attendees in person, we got to connect directly with gamers.
  • The content creators who signed up have a combined following of over 2,558,780!
  • They streamed for a total of 153 hours, putting in serious work for charity.
  • We had 48 amazing content creators join us, each bringing their unique flair.
  • And together, we raised an impressive $11,377 for 10+ charities!

Thanks to the incredible gaming community, we’ve shown that gaming is more than just fun—it’s a force for good. This is just the start of something awesome. Stay tuned for more epic collaborations and charitable events!

Join us as we continue to build healthy communities through gaming.

View the full photo gallery on Flickr or below.

 PAX East 2024


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