LAN all NIGHT Gaming Festival Holds Event During Pandemic to Raise More than 1,000 Food Donations for North Texas Families Before Thanksgiving

LAN All NIGHT Gaming Festival recently held an in-person video game event to raise food donations for the North Texas Food Bank, as well as hosted a blood drive for Carter BloodCare, all amidst a global pandemic.

“Charity was our main focus but safety was our number one priority for our attendees,” said LAN all NIGHT Vice President Kyle “Neg1” Russell. “Through strict social distancing, requiring face masks and daily temperature checks, we were able to assure a safe environment for our attendees.”

The event raised more than 1,000 food donations, weighing in at almost 700 lbs., and is expected to feed nearly 600 families this Thanksgiving.

LAN all NIGHT also hosted a Carter BloodCare blood drive during the event where they collected enough blood to save nearly 40 lives.

“It was a tough decision to hold an event during a pandemic,” said LAN all NIGHT President Steven “Eradicator” Offield. “We knew it was going to be difficult but we knew it was just so important to donate food and blood in a time like this.”

“Blood donations are needed now more than ever,” said LAN all NIGHT Director Adam “SirSkippy” Reynolds. “Because of the pandemic, blood donations have dropped off across the board. We recognized the need and stepped up to the plate.”

LAN all NIGHT Gaming Festival plans to return in late spring/early summer of 2021 to raise even more food and blood donations for the North Texas Community.

LAN all NIGHT is the official Dallas chapter of the national nonprofit organization, LANFest, who is dedicated to empowering gaming communities and supporting charitable efforts by creating unique gaming experiences.

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