MassiveLAN – January 2023

January 13, 2023 - January 15, 2023 7:57 am


Immediate changes and responses based on your feedback:

Here are some things we can address right away and commit to:

  • Announcements (the “notification” noise): – many of you found it jarring, and I agree. Consider it changed
  • Announcements in general – seemed to be a bit more troubling for some people this event. I may reach out to some of you to understand better.
  • Arcade section returning – A few of you mentioned this, and at present the plan is to have that back for winter. Hopefully with some improvements
  • Wifi – We are going to do our best to have wifi at the next event
  • CS:GO – ok we’ll do a CS:GO tourny
  • Ice cream stand – this, no joke, came up like 4 times. We have to hire the ice cream people to be there, and we probably aren’t going to do that. We’ll look into it, but not for winter
  • Hard Drive hockey will be back for winter
  • Smash bros melee is coming back
  • Hypebot will have some more controls about when its allowed to bother you
  • The guild seating the night before went over pretty well, and I think we’ll try to do that again

Things that need more planning but we will be doing

  • Mask policy, covid, etc – As we stated at the end of the event, we’re going to try to be more flexible with our approach to winter. We want to accommodate the maximum number of people and be as open and unrestrictive as possible while still being a safe and healthy environment. That means waiting until the days/weeks leading up to the event to see what our current guidance is and trying to stick to that.
  • Extended room for guilds – Some love it, some hate it. The reality is with restricted attendance we have more space for this. As we enter winter and look to remove restrictions this may no longer be an option depending on how many seats are sold. Our setup/layout crew is working on a variety options that we will consider as we get closer to winter
  • More merch – We’re going to try to focus some time more on our own merch and give you a way better selection

Things we’re thinking about and we’ll let you know

  • We’re toying around with the idea of 1-2 “competitive” tournaments (cs:go, LoL, RL) with prizing to match, and then just a bunch of slapsticky fun to play for a few hours games that are just fun because there’s 20-40 people playing (crab game, golf with friends) and trying to focus more on that. Would love to hear your feedback on that
  • With VR more of a think we might do some VR tournaments?
  • The guild cup went over well but the point structure WILL BE changing, we just don’t know HOW yet

That’s it for now. Again, thanks the time for filling out the survey if you did. It’s always great to hear your feedback and praise. See you guys soon!


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