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InfernaLAN is one of the Pacific Northwest's largest regular LAN parties. It is part of the Intel LAN Fest series of LAN parties. InfernaLAN is held at Washington State Fair Event Center in Puyallup, Washington and is open to the public. Founded in 2003.


Mike 'Shocker' Baum is InfernaLAN's founder and host. His charisma and sense of humor make InfernaLAN one of the most unique gaming experiences you will ever have.


InfernaLAN is dedicated to providing a fun, family friendly, LAN party. While there are tournaments at the LAN, they are not the driving force. All the good prizes are in the raffle so everyone has a chance at getting some good stuff.


Expect the PC Case Mod Contest, Shocker Raffle, and of course some of the most fun PC tournaments in the Northwest. If you are new, welcome and prepare to have a great time!

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