Emerald City LANFEST at Seattle Home Show

We’re at it again! We’re back at the Seattle Home Show. This time we’re back to hiding up stairs like proper sasquatch. The BYOC is open March 3-5th. Don’t worry though LANFest is still representing the entire week on the Home Show floor with Freeplay, VR and board games. Be sure to come by booth before the BYOC opens during show hours tomorrow February 25th through March 5th, 10am through 6pm.

We now have HERO seats! You get a 6 foot table with a rental PC, monitor and peripherals. If you want to bring your own PC but sprawl on a 6 foot table grab a VIP seat! For the more cozy option a regular BYOC seat gets you a 3 foot table section. We also have discounted youth tickets for the kids.

Reminder, ticket prices increase at the door.

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