LANFEST Welcomes Newest Board Members, Andrew Goewert and Lindsey Akers

LANFEST recently announced the official results of its 2022 board elections with Andrew Goewert and Lindsey Akers elected to their inaugural terms. 

Board members, who each serve two-year terms, are voted on by LANFEST’s Chapter Council, which is made up of representatives from the LANFEST chapters across the nation.

LANFEST builds healthy communities through gaming. Since 2002, LANFEST has raised more than $1 million for charity.

LANFEST Welcomes Lindsey Akers to the Board

Lindsey Akers has served on the LANFEST Board since 2022 and has also volunteered her time and talents with the LANFEST Marketing Team.

“My passion is education, equity and social justice,” said Lindsey. “I’m an advocate for stronger representation of underrepresented communities of people while creating healthy communities for people to be a part of.”

Lindsey believes that leadership is not a position; it is a behavior. She is collaborative, ethical and results-oriented with the ability to find creative solutions by thinking outside of the box. 

LANFEST Welcomes Andrew Goewert to the Board

Andrew Goewert has served on the LANFEST Board since 2022 and is currently an Esports Supervisors for the Saint Louis Science Center’s esports program. He brings fundraising and grant expertise to LANFEST from years of specializing in government grants and fundraising.

“My dream is to use the skills I’ve learned with fundraising and nonprofits for my passion in esports and gaming,” said Andrew. “I hope to help LANFEST’s mission of creating unique and accessible gaming experiences.”

Helped found the University of Missouri’s varsity esports program, currently resides in Saint Louis with his fiance and loves to play VALORANT. He has a dog named Oliver.

Current LANFEST Board Members:

  • Lindsey Akers
  • Andrew Goewert
  • Chris Grassel
  • Spencer HIll
  • Nathan Johnson
  • Daniel Rogers
  • Marcus Summers
  • Jarrod Tindall
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