LANFest National LANFest Gaming (LFG)

Volunteer at the LANFest National Event


Tournament team - We will be in charge of creating a wide array of different PC tournaments for attendees to compete in and are responsible for tournament execution.

Stream Team - We assist streamers set up their stream, assist with issues that arise, and try to make their event the best possible.

Attendee Engagement - We will be in charge of creating a wide array of different out of seat activities for attendees to compete in. As well as, being responsible for activity execution.

Volunteer Support - We will support all crew to make sure they can do their job effectively.

Production and Stage - Assisting the stage and production. This team needs production experience.

Panel & Workshops - We support the panelists troubleshoot technical problems, assist with time management, and help with audience participation

Safety team - We are one of the first faces to welcome people to the event. We make sure everyone and everything stays safe. We give people peace of mind and a friendly face.

Tech - We help setup PCs and work though technical issues for both the show and the attendees. 


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