LANFest National LANFest Gaming (LFG)

Groups that wish to request reserved seating need to follow these three simple steps:


Create a Guild while logged into your account on this page:

Deadline for group registration is September 3rd when seat selection opens to the public.

This is only for the first wave. Groups can still email for the future waves.

Email with the subject: “LFG 2019 Group Registration”. In the email include the following details.

  1. Group Leader username

  2. Guild name

  3. Block of seats you want to reserve


A team member will assign the group leader a BYOC ticket to associate the guild with the event.

The group leader can pay for the ticket early or wait till Group Registration starts.

Communicate to your group the Guild name and Password.

Have all the Guild members go to and join your guild.

They will be able to purchase BYOC tickets and then select a seat in your guild’s block of seats under Guild Seating they can select “I’d like to sit with my guild” which allows the guild leader to assign tickets to seats in their section.

Also from the page a Guild leader can manage the seats of their guild.


Please be aware zones are being opening as tickets are being sold. For the first wave only zone 1 will be offered.


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