Experience Sacramento LANFest

September 19, 2012

Thanks to all the people who attended Sacramento LANFest! Here is a collection of videos and link to the photos from the event. Ever wonder what LANFest is like take a watch:

Make sure to join our facebook page to see all of the videos and photos upload there at: www.facebook.com/SACLANFest

Most of the photos have also been posted to the offical Picasa page: picasaweb.google.com/lanfestintel/SacramentoLANFestSpring2012

Interviews with attendees during the events in two parts:

Experience LANFest Sacramento Spring 2012 1 of 2

Experience LANFest Sacramento Spring 2012 2 of 2

See the event as Nathan 'ForceRun' Johnson does a Walkabout of the event:


 Not all video comes out as planned which is this case leads to great fun and laughs in the

Humor and Hilarity Reel of Sacramento LANFest 2012



 Next up a cool Timelapse video of the LAN's setup, pizza line, and other areas of the event



Lee 'PCJunkie' put together a great video of the watercooling demo he ran at the event. LANFest is finding new and exciting workshops and demos to spice up the events.


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