Chivalry Game Night 2014-12-21

December 14, 2014

Get Medieval with LANFest

We are the knights who say LANFest, on guard! Grab your sword, crossbow, or cutlass and join LANFest’s online Chivalry servers with the LANFest Community for an epic Chivalry game night. Game codes will be giving out to the best knights and random court jesters, join the LANFest teamspeak server to chat and a chance to win awesome games. Your quest of medieval warfare awaits:


Date - Dec 21st, 2015 5PM PT / 8PM ET

Teamspeak -

East Server - LANFest Chivalry Sponsored by EoR

West Server - LANFest Chivalry Sponsored by EoR 162.251.16516:7777

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