Two LANFest staff share how they pack for a LAN Party

November 17, 2017
Julie Williams from Mightygoods.com has put together a fun round up from 15 experienced LAN Party people. Dave Sylvia and Nathan Johnson of LANFest staff
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LANFest does PAX, tells all

March 12, 2015
Check out this cool article from ComputerWorld by Jon Gold of Network World. Who inviewed LANFest Staff at PAX East 2015. http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/569915/it-road-show-guys-behind-pax-east-big-big-lan-party/
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Trackmania Game Night 2015-02-22

February 16, 2015
LANFest game night, time to race! We have the need, the need for speed. Download the classic hotwheels/F1 free racing game, Trackmania Nations Forever, and join
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Chivalry Game Night 2014-12-21

December 14, 2014
Get Medieval with LANFest We are the knights who say LANFest, on guard! Grab your sword, crossbow, or cutlass and join LANFest’s online Chivalry servers with
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InfernaLAN Launch of the 4th Generation Intel Core Processor

May 28, 2013
LANFest is teaming up with Intel at the DuPont campus June 2, from 12-3 am to celebrate the launch of the 4th Generation Intel Core Processor! Admission
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