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Frequent Asked Questions

Do I need to own all the games on the list?

No, most of the games are free and will be provided for download at the event. We'll also have staff helping attendees find other people to play their favorite games with.


Am I allowed to stream at the event?

Only one streamer is allowed at a time due to bandwidth restrictions - just get in touch with staff to get permission.


Are there size limits on PC equipment?

Everything needs to fit on half a six-foot table, so probably no ultrawide monitors. Also, just one of each piece of equipment or you'll blow a power circuit.


What if I'm allergic/hate/dislike pizza?

There are restuarants nearby - you're free to grab a bite there! Also we're so sorry about your condition.


Do I really have to bring my own 25' Ethernet cable?

Yes. Unless you want to donate a lot of cable, then in that case talk to a staff member 'cause we'll love you forever.



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