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What To Bring To Our Events

Here is a list of items you will need to bring to our LAN party.
Print off this page and check off the items while packing.

  • Confirmation email showing your payment confirmation
  • 18 and over: Bring a Signed Waiver ready for fast check-in (Every event!)
  • Under 18: Bring a Signed Waiver signed by your legal guardian ready for fast check-in (Every event!)
  • A photo form of identification
  • Computer Tower (or notebook computer)
  • Monitor (Only 1 monitor allowed, 32 inches wide or less)
  • Long Category 5e/6 Network Cable (25 Feet or Longer) - Here is one on Amazon prime
  • Power cable for monitor
  • Power cable for computer
  • Headset **
  • Game Controller **
  • Keyboard **
  • Mouse **
  • Mouse Pad
  • Software (Games and Operating System)
  • Deodorant (Makes you smell better)
  • Money (food, drinks, laser tag, bowling, arcade, etc.)
  • Optional: Your favorite desk chair or a cushion/pillow for more comfort when using our rented chairs.
  • Optional: Sleeping bag & pillow
  • Do NOT bring a surge bar/protector, one will be provided for you at the event.  (You will not be allowed to use your own.)

** - We recommended using wired devices (keyboard/mouse, controller, headset, etc.) instead of wireless to avoid any potential interference with your gear at the event.

Most Commonly Forgotten Items (Double check)

  • Signed waiver (all attendees should have a signed waiver in hand when entering the event)
  • Network cable (That is also long enough, 25 feet)
  • Power cord
  • Mouse pad
  • Gaming skillz :)

System Check List (Before you leave your house)

  1. Install all games you wish to play. (Before the event!)
  2. Patch all games you installed to their latest version (Including updating all Steam games)
  3. Install all updates for your computer's operating system
  4. Scan computer for Viruses with Trendmicro Housecall
  5. Scan computer for Malware and Spyware
    Malwarebytes - http://www.malwarebytes.org
  6. Make sure that your system is in working order before attending.

Check-In At The Event Procedure

  1. Enter the venue with printed ticket confirmation and signed waiver in your hand
    (No equipment)

  2. Get checked in at the registration desk

  3. Find your seat

  4. Go back to your car and haul your equipment into your seat


All attendees must download the LANFest waiver from our site, fill it out, sign it, and bring it along with you to the event. You must fill out this waiver regardless of whether or not you have signed one for past events. You only need to print and bring page 1 (signature page).

Hand the waiver to our check-in staff when you arrive at the venue. No one will be allowed to attend the event without a signed waiver. Please make check-in easier for yourself and others by having this waiver ready for our staff.

If you are under the age of 18, you must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Print and bring page one and two.

Let's Review


Network Cable

Bring at minimum length 25 foot Category 5e/6 Ethernet Cable.


You are NOT allowed to bring your speakers, they take up too much space and make too much noise. Please bring a headset along with you.

Monitor Size Limit

While we do allow a lot of sizes, we would appreciate if you would limit it to 32 inches wide or less. You will be expected to work with us on space if we need it. If you feel you have an inability to compromise, we suggest you bring a smaller monitor.

Power Restrictions

Two (2) 110V sockets (desktop and monitor) for a combined current of 3.0 amps maximum. Anything beyond a computer and monitor has to be approved by the admins.  If you need to charge your phone, plug it into a USB port on your computer.  We may check your computer's power draw if if there is a power issue on your circuit.  In the event issues keep occuring we may ask the participant to relocate seats or make changes to their system to reduce power draw.  If a comprimise cannot be reached we may ask the participant to leave the event.

What not to bring

  • Surge Protectors (We provide them, you will not be allowed to use your own)
  • More than 2 powered devices
  • Sofas, Recliners, Futons, and other large Furniture of the sort
  • Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, etc.
  • Food or drinks into the venue
  • A bad attitude

Failure to follow these rules is grounds for dismissal from the event at the admin discretion.

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