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Staff Registration

This event will offer Staff seating please Email or read and follow the directions in the email sent out to your staff account.

Group Registration

Community Group Seating is a simple way for groups to seats together at LANFest, which sells out so quickly. The basic requirements for group seating is to buy at least 8 seats, and have the group members pay for their seats within the time that registration is open Reservations are first come first serve, and no more requests will be accepted after the total allowed seats are reserved. Reserved seats will be opened for general registration if not claimed by the end of Group Registration, no exceptions.

Groups that wish to request reserved seating need to follow these three simple steps:

Create a Guild while logged into your account on this page:

Email with the subject: “RoCLAN 2019 Group Registration” In the email include the following details.

  1. Group Leader username

  2. Guild name

  3. Block of seats you want to reserve

Communicate to your group the Guild name and Password. Have all the Guild members go to and join your guild.

Important links

Guild Page

Seating Chart

Event Page


LANFest RoCLAN staff have worked hard to make group seating available and easy to sign up for. Group registration request are request only, and not a promise of service or goods.

Attendees must buy their tickets and select a seat to guarantee their seat at the event. Please help us make this process work, and thank you to our wonderful LANFest community who make our events so much fun!

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