RoCLAN RoCLAN Fall 2019


Fall 2019 @ Sibley Square
41 BYOC Seats

October 11-13th 2019
Friday 4:00pm -Sunday 4:00pm

Sibley Square (Old MCC Damon City Campus), Rochester, NY



Bring Your Own Computer and Console Tickets:

$50.00 BYOC Regular 1/2 Table Seating

$65.00 BYOC Regular 1/2 Table Seating at the Door

Ticket Price Includes: Admission to the Event, Console Gaming Area, VR Area, 2 Slices of Pizza (provided by LANFest), Free Entry into All Tournaments, 1 Prize Drawing Ticket, and 3 Days of Fun!

Console Gaming Area Provided by A Gamer's Nostalgia

$30.00 Console Gaming Admission for 3 Days

$15.00 Console Gaming Admission for 1 Day

$5.00 for 1 Hour at Console Gaming Area

Ticket Price (except Console Gaming Admission for 1 Day,1 Hour Console Gaming Area) includes: Admission to the Event, Console Gaming Area, 2 Slices of Pizza (provided by LANFest), Free Entry into any Console Tournaments, and 1 Prize Drawing Ticket.

Add-On Tickets

$20.00 - Guild Table

Notes for this event

CartsThere will be NO carts for this event. You are welcome to bring your own carts!


Event Sponsors!

LANFest RoCLAN is looking for local partners and sponsors to help our event grow. The following are new partners working with LANFest RoCLAN for the 2019 event






Event Highlights

50 Hours Non-Stop Gaming

This is what LANFest is all about. Over 50 hours of non-stop gaming with your fellow peers. Make new friends, play games, and have a good time. Want to play a game with others, we will be doing callouts throughout the event. Need a server? We can help and will do our best to accommodate you.


What's non-stop gaming without some friendly competition? We will have various tournaments from first-person shooters to strategy games. A list of tournaments will be listed on the Schedule. Don't see a tournament or have a suggestion, come to the Help Desk and let's see what we can do.


While at LANFest, take a break from gaming and win fabulous prizes!




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