Atlanta LANFest Atlanta Summer 2015

Volunteer at the Event

LANFest is an event run entirely by volunteers! We wouldn't be able to host awesome events without the help of all of our volunteers. We've posted our volunteer positions below, be sure to check them out! 

Row Captain

A Row Captain is responsible for helping make sure everyone is having a great time! Nobody wants to be confused or unable to game because of something silly! That's where you come in! Being a row captain is a great way to meet new friends and hangout with your old ones. Every row captain is responsible for 18 people and your main responsibility is to help answer any questions your row mates have and assist with the event. That's it in a nutshell!

Plus, there are a few perks!

  • Your own 6 foot table (to yourself)
  • Plenty of power & outlets
  • Early setup
  • Discounted entry

Row Captain positions are available now!

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