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Frequently Asked Questions

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When and where is the LAN?
So glad you asked! The Summer LAN is from May 22-24, 2015 at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel.


What should I bring to LANFest events?
It really depends on what you think you’ll need, but here are some good guidelines:

  • Your computer! Atlanta LANFest is a BYOC (bring your own computer) event. You’ll also need to make sure you have your monitor, keyboard and mouse, headphones and all of your cables. Please don’t leave them at home- we will not have spares on hand.

  • Recovery media, game backups, etc. You’ll likely want both recovery media for your computer and your games. Nobody wants to have their computer go down the first night of an awesome LAN!

  • Some spare change. You’ll need to eat, and there are some great places to get snacks and meals in and around the Sheraton.

  • Clean clothes, deodorant (please!) and any other personal items you need.

  • A good attitude! You’re about to hang out with a bunch of other people just like you that want to have an awesome time!


What shouldn’t I bring to the LAN?
You definitely don’t want to bring these things, some of them we’ll have to confiscate, some of them will get you kicked out, and we don’t want that.

  • Power strips.You’re only permitted to use two outlets per seat, and we’ll have power strips for you. If we see one hooked up, we’ll have to take it.

  • Speakers. Sadly we don't have enough power to let everyone bring speakers and even more importantly, it'd get quite loud and that'd just be silly.

  • Switches, routers, hubs, access points, network doohickies. Our network will lock them out (by design) and every year we have somebody ask us why they just lost internet when they try to use one of these devices. We want to keep our network solid and secure for all attendees, and this is a necessary step.

  • Drugs. Unless you’ve got a prescription for whatever it is you take, we don’t want it at our event. We really don't enjoy kicking attendees out, but this is one thing that we will never let slide.

  • Sleeping bags and pillows. We can’t allow people to sleep in the BYOC- it is against the City of Atlanta fire code, and we can get in a lot of trouble if you do. The Sheraton offers awesome room rates just for attendees.


Where can I sleep during the LAN?
You will not be allowed to sleep in the BYOC. We will have to wake you up and ask you to move somewhere else, and nobody wants that to happen. It is a violation of the City of Atlanta fire code, and one that could get us kicked out of the venue permanently. The Sheraton offers some great room rates just for attendees, and we’ve always thought it’s way better than sleeping in our cars!


Will there be any tickets left at the door?
Probably not! From time to time we’ve had some tickets left over, but we’ve also had several events that have sold out completely (and we’d love to have that happen again). Don’t count on it happening, and if it does happen, remember that tickets cost more money when you buy them at the door. Also remember, reserved tickets are refundable up to the week before the event. It’s easy and fast to buy your tickets ahead of time, and will save you some headache!


What about tabletop games?
We are planning on having some room for tabletop games!  We don't know exactly what our plan is, but we would love for a local game shop to help.  If you know of just the place, have them get in touch with us!


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