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Tickets are required to win prizes, as that covers shipping costs and helps us raise money for the food banks!

Our current (tentative) list of events include (all times listed are in PDT):

  Tournaments Casual Gaming RTS Pentathlon Stream
Friday, August 28th
5pm       Opening Ceremonies, & Kick-off Prizes(calendar)
6pm   Supreme Commander - Casual (calendar)   Supreme Commander - Casual
7pm Overwatch Check-In (calendar)   Command & Conquer Check-In (calendar) Play with Intel: Dota 2
8pm Overwatch   Command & Conquer Command & Conquer
9pm Civilization VI Check-In (calendar)
10pm Civilization VI Overwatch
Saturday, August 29th
Midnight   Civilization VI (Continued   Civilization VI
1am One Night Ultimate Werewolf (calendar)   One Night Ultimate Werewolf
3am - 8am Quiet Hours
9am Wreckfest Check-In (calendar)     Saturday Welcome & Prizes (calendar)
10am Wreckfest   Starcraft Check-In (calendar) Wreckfest
11am Minecraft Hunter/Gatherer Check-In (calendar) Starcraft
Noon Minecraft Hunter/Gatherer Play With Intel: Deep Rock Galactic
1pm Volunteers of America - Western Washington Panel
2pm League of Legends Check-In (calendar) Open Conversation w/ Intel in Gaming
3pm League of Legends Age of Empires II Check-In (calendar)  
4pm   Age of Empires II Intel and Asus Overclocking Workshop
5pm Scrap Mechanic Check-In (calendar)
6pm Scrap Mechanic
7pm   Play With Intel: Fall Guys
8pm   Supreme Commander Check-In (calendar)  
9pm Valorant Check-In (calendar) Supreme Commander Supreme Commander with FtxCommando
10pm Valorant
Sunday, August 30th
Midnight Valorant (Continued)   Supreme Commander (Continued) Valorant
3am - 8am Quiet Hours
10am       Sunday Welcome & Prizes (calendar)
11am Rocket League Check-In (calendar)     Call of Duty Tournament
Noon Rocket League (Rules) Natural Selection 2 Check-In (calendar)  
1pm Natural Selection 2 Play With Intel: Jack Box
2pm Starcraft II Check-In (calendar) Natural Selection 2 with Cabooble
3pm Starcraft II
4pm Unrailed Check-In (calendar)
5pm Unrailed    
6pm   Unrailed
8pm Raffle and Closing Ceremonies (calendar)

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