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Door Prizes

Door prizes are a hallmark of LANFest events, whether on the east or west coasts. Each attendee receives one door prize ticket at prize time, while VIP's receive four. Attendees can earn additional tickets by participating in verious other activities during the LAN.


Charity & Sponsor Duels

Duel our chosen charity and our sponsors for door prize tickets! Duels range from 1v1 Counter-Strike:GO to Solitaire. (You don't need to win to get the tickets, we promise).


Game of the Hour

These activities reward door prize tickets to everyone playing the game at the mentioned time. Previous game of the hours are:


Game Tournaments

Previous Game Tournaments include:


AFK Tournaments

AFK tournaments are surprise events that anyone can participate in - anything from putt-putt to hard drive shuffleboard!


Board & RPG Games

Several tables are reserved for board games and RPG's during the event. We've seen everything from Risk to late night D&D.


Garage Sale

Bring your old parts, collectibles, etc. to sell. Attendees only - companies must have a booth.


Item Swap

Swap out door prizes or other gaming-related items. No money is allowed to change hands during this activity.


MTG Draft

People with too much money, rejoice! The usual MTG Draft returns.


Unofficial Activities

Several unofficial activities occur during ECL events, including a bar crawl. We definitely claim no responsibility for them, because of lawyers and insurance or something. Please be respectful and safe while having fun!

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