The Tampa LANFest Chapter owes its roots back to the garage LAN parties of the early 2000's in the outlying Tampa Bay area where Counterstrike was the favorite mod and Age of Empires was king.


Our Computer Gaming Events are social, which means you can expect Bring Your Own Computer oriented games to have a great time with. Our smaller Meetup LAN's (10 - 50 attendees) are also geared for adults so 18+ only. Our largest LAN's (Tampa ESports, Intel LANFest 150+ etc.) will not be hosted on the Meetup platform and will have different rules.


We typically host small parties of 10 once a month, and do large LAN's (30+) once a season. We do tournaments, prizes, and play sessions of a full mix of games so even those without the latest graphics card won't feel left out.


Have a blast, and do some good at the same time!

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