Laclede’s LAN was originally just a group of guys from the Saint Louis area that liked to dream about putting together a fifty-man LAN party instead of going to class. Over time, the small fifteen person events swelled into twenty, and then thirty, until they eventually grew larger than the dream itself. The staff grew too, as gamers grew interested in what Laclede’s LAN was trying to do and offered to help. It wasn’t long before Laclede’s LAN became the largest LAN in the Saint Louis area, offering the best tournaments, the best prizes, and the strongest sense of community and fun.
Laclede’s LAN is a community. Staff members may change, new games will come out, and computers will be rebuilt. But at its heart, Laclede’s LAN will always be the same: a group of people who love games enough to sacrifice an entire weekend, lug a fifty pound computer hundreds of miles, and subsist on caffeine and sugar alone. Laclede’s LAN is our finest tribute to everything that PC gaming can be.
LL’s Mission
Our mission, as a LAN party group, is pretty simple. We want to create a PC gaming event good enough to draw gamers from all over the country. We want to point to that army of gamers to show sponsors that we’re worth their time and resources. And we want to combine all of it into something familiar to PC gaming, but also unique to us: a LAN party that everyone can enjoy, but only we could have created. So buy a ticket, grab your rig and come on in.

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