T-Minus... Spring 2015

April 17, 2015

Ready to LANFest?

Only one more day until the best LAN party event opens up again, and we are pumped about making this the most fun and exciting event yet. But are YOU ready?


Please attend the short and fun orientation Friday night at 11PM in Presentation Hall. This orientation is required for first-time attendees, and is a great opportunity to get questions answered.

Event Site

LANFest Sacramento has an awesome event site at sacramento.lfest.org. Make your LANFest easy by making the ‘intranet’ site your homepage, or adding it to your bookmarks. Before the event, check out the full schedule. For tournament rules and contests see the contests. If your team is ready for your tournament sign up now; if you are looking for a team you can join one at the event.  For full workshop details and signups see the workshop page. Signups will be required for some workshops before attending.


Bon Appetit is cooking breakfasts and lunches for us on both Saturday and Sunday. They will be located in the hallway of the main building and accessible via the opening in the far wall. For details check out the full Nom Nom Schedule. They will be also accepting most major credit cards.

Special Event

Wargaming.net is hosting an epic World of Tanks Player Gathering out in the courtyardon Saturday night. All LANFest attendees are invited! There will be fun, food, and soda to be had. There is talk of showing off their brand new beta game, World of Warships. LANFest is excited to have Wargaming and the other great sponsors at Spring 2015.


We will be opening the doors for registration starting at 6 PM on Friday.

  1. Leave your equipment in the car.
  2. Enter through the first courtyard gate to access the main registration stations.
  3. Bring your signed waiver and picture ID with birth date; you won’t get in without both. The waiver was changed very recently so make sure you bring the current copy dated 15.04.14. Older versions are not accepted.
  4. Receive your badge and equipment tags.
  5. Grab a cart if needed and go back to your car.
  6. Put the tags on your equipment (no equipment will enter or leave the event without the tags).
  7. Bring your gear through second the courtyard gate for inspection.
  8. Drop off your gear at your seat and return the cart to the courtyard.

Do NOT use the curb by the gate for loading or unloading. This is a fire lane and you will be towed. Carts are provided for reaching the parking lot with your equipment.

Note: For a detailed map check out our Location page.


Hardware curfew is from 2 AM to 8 AM (no exceptions). During this time, no tagged equipment comes in or out. Tagged equipment includes desktops, monitors, consoles (e.g., XBox), and laptops only. Any other items such as tablets, convertibles, controllers, portable gaming devices (e.g. PSP) are not taggable. Our venue host is Intel, and we are guests in their building. Due to the workshops, more of the building is accessible to LANFest attendees for this event, including a backup set of restrooms. DO NOT leave the marked LANFest areas or Intel will remove you from their building. Remember: Don't Do Dumb Stuff!

Don't Forget

  1. Bring the latest waiver signed along with your photo ID.
  2. Bring a 25 ft long Network Cable (Cat 6 is best).
  3. Know your Power Limit (2 Outlets, 3.0 Amps Total).

Check out the FAQ and Handbook for more information.

Stay Up-To-Date

  1. Make sure your games and OS are patched.
  2. Don't forget to check out our Patch Server.
  3. Keep informed with Mumble Latest Version 1.2.8
  4. Tournaments will be using http://challonge.com/ create your account now.

See you Friday!,

LANFest Sacramento Staff

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