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April 6, 2015
Open staff positions for LANFest Sacramento:
Interested in a staff position from this list? Email with the subject being the position title. Nathan will set up a short one on one call to get to know you better, and give you more info on the position.

Tournament admin
Role: Runs the tournaments at the event, and plans the tournament rules before the event. Leads a small team during the tournament.
Time Commitment: Little before event, a lot during the event.

Contest Lead
Role: Runs one or two of the contests at the event, and helps plans before the event. Leads a small team of volunteers during the contest.
Time Commitment: Little before event, moderate during the event.
Contest Lead

Announcement lead
Role: Receives and organizes the announcements at the event. Manages a small team to make announcements via Mumble, Website blog, and PA.
Time Commitment: Little before event, a moderate during the event.

Usher lead
Role: Manages, guides, and organizes a small group of volunteers that provide ushers for the presentations.
Time Commitment: Little before the event on planning, a little during the event the presentations.

Vendor liaison
Role: Help support the attending Sponsors
Time Commitment: Little before event to be trained, moderate during event when the sponsors setup and clean up.

Local Sponsorship Lead
Role: Works to market LANFest to local business to secure goodies and deals for the attendees.
Time Commitment: Moderate before event to get trained and contact local business, little time during event communicating to attendees and give out goodies.

Sponsorship Team Member
Role: Help support the Sponsor team
Time Commitment: Little before event, moderate at event.

BYOC GM or Game Master
Role: The keeper of the whiteboard, and delight of gamer's souls. Does game call outs, and organized community freeplay in the BYOC during event. 
Time Commitment: Moderate before planning and working with staff groups, heavy during event organizing and play games. Note you are playing games :)

Charity team member
Role: Helps support LANFest effort with charity.
Time Commitment: Moderate before event planning and communicating, a little during event.
Why join LANFest Sacramento staff? Being part of the all volunteer staff is a fun, learning, and rewarding experience. You get to see how we run these giant 500 person events, you help an event that does good by raising money for charity, and you will learn new skills. Working with our staff is wonderful as they love what they do, and are passionate hard working fun people. Also you get to help build and support our growing community, which is fun.
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