Welcome - December 14, 2012
Welcome! Stay tuned for more information.
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What better way to spend the day on which the world is supposed to end than gaming it away? NCIX and LANFest teamed up to offer a fun and easy to join gaming night full of prizes for gamers of all skill levels, from anywhere in the world! This event is all about having a great gaming night playing your favorite titles, making new friends, winning one of over $3500 in instant prizes and raising money for the NCIX’s 7th Annual Food Bank drive. The event is absolutely free to join, and you even get to vote for the games you'd like us to host!

We have a ton of BF3 and Borderlands 2 game keys, together with cash-equivalent coupon codes redeemable for stuff at NCIX.com. We'll be giving these away not to the players with the highest scores, but completely at random so no matter how skilled you are, you have the same chance of scoring some loot! Just registering for the event nets you 500 NCIX Rewards Points, 2000 more once you “show up”!

If you already got other plans for the night, why don't you tune in into our live event video feed, to see just what kind of fun and debauchery is going on through the eyes of LANFest and NCIX staff members? Plus, we will have a live camera feed with guest stars, casters and fun intermissions!

So go ahead, join up and game like it was the last day of the world!