Matt Basta, Ahman Green and Ruth Suehle Elected to the LANFest Board of Directors. Gary Briggs Re-Elected.
boardelection results

LANFest recently held board elections where Ahman Green, Ruth Suehle and Matt Basta were elected to the board of directors. Along with their election to the board, Gary Briggs won his re-election bid.  

“We had more people run for board seats this year than ever before,” said Katie Briggs, president of LANFest. “It’s inspiring to see so many new faces with such diverse backgrounds join LANFest.”

Board members are voted on by LANFest’s Chapter Council, which is made up of representatives from all the LANFest chapters across the nation.

LANFest would like to thank past board members Kate Harrell and Chris Dalton for their service. Kate and Chris set the example by the selfless giving of their time, talents and interest to lead and guide the national organization. Best luck and good wishes to them on their next endeavor. 

Current LANFest Board Members
Chris Allison
Matt Basta
Gary Briggs
Chris Grassel
Ahman Green
Nathan Johnson
Daniel Rogers
Ruth Suehle

Gary Briggs Re-Elected to the Board of Directors
Gary Briggs has been involved with LANFest from its inception and has been a strong leader on the board of directors for years.

“I want to help LANFest continue to evolve by helping all our gaming communities create unique gaming experiences that they are excited about,” said Gary.

He looks forward to continuing to grow LANFest through cultivating strong partnerships with sponsors, gaming industry partners, and other charity organizations.

LANFest Welcomes Matt Basta
Matt Basta is currently the director of DKC Esports and he brings a wide array of knowledge in public relations, special events, branding, social media and promotions in the areas of esports, gaming, sports and tech.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be elected by the members of LANFest,” said Basta. “I am ready to roll up my sleeves and immerse myself to achieve our goals moving forward.”

Prior to esports, Matt worked for several global PR agencies including Edelman, Rogers & Cowan, and Ogilvy, and worked in traditional sports including the WNBA, United Soccer League and UMBRO. 

LANFest Welcomes Ahman Green
Ahman Green, former Green Bay Packers running back, is the current head coach of Esports and Lakeland University in Sheboygan Wisconsin. 

He wants to cultivate well-rounded individuals and gamers throughout their college careers, all while keeping it fun, educational and innovative at the same time.

“I want esports and video games to continue to grow in a community where everyone is involved and can develop their talents in a fair environment without discrimination,” said Ahman.”That’s why I’m proud to be a board member of LANFest.”

During Ahman’s football career he earned a four-time pro bowl selection, was named NFC Offensive Player of the Year in 2013 and was inducted to the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame in 2014.

LANFest Welcomes Ruth Suehle
Ruth Suehle is currently senior manager on the community outreach team in Red Hat's Open Source and Standards office. She has been a part of the broader open-source software (and hardware) communities for nearly 15 years. 

“I'm looking forward to using my longtime experience in community building in the open source software world to help support such a passionate gaming community with their charitable mission,” said Ruth.

She is also executive vice-president of the Apache Software Foundation, and much of her work with that organization has been through the community development team, including as the producer of ApacheCon. 

Through her work at Red Hat, she helped create the open-source special interest group (SIG) in the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) as well as Red Hat's gaming community of practice. She was part of the team that launched and has written there on open source in gaming.