SoCal LANFest SoCal

The first LANFest SoCal for 2013 is here! LANFest SoCal returns to Cal Poly Pomona from April 26th to 28th for an action packed weekend of tournaments, contests, raffles, and more. We have a great BYOC section, a console area, a movie area, and a nice stage located inside Cal Poly Pomona's Bronco Student Center. All attendees are entered in a drawing to win our best prizes provided by our many sponsors.


Due to the amount of requests of those who lagged on registering for the event, we have opened up a waiting list for Sunday Only. Please see the link for additional details and to enter your name onto the waitlist. It will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE

NOTE: You do not need to register for both a General & Tournament seat to compete in a pay-to-play tournament. Simply select "Tournament BYOC (GAME)", which reserves your spot in one of the pay-to-play tournaments, as well as all activies that General BYOC offers! Additional fee for pay-to-play tournaments is outlined in that tournament's rules, and will be collected at the venue.


Times & Dates

  • Friday April 26 (4:00PM to 1:00AM)
  • Saturday April 27 (9:00AM to 1:00AM)
  • Sunday April 28 (9:00AM to 5:00PM)

Event Areas

We have the traditional BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer or Console), connect to a Local Area Network (LAN) and play with friends. There's also an area with demo machines to test drive the latest technology from our sponsors. We also have vendor booth area where you can check their products and participate on additional activites for extra prizes. Finally, we have added a nice resting area that doubles as our console area so you can play Halo, Call of Duty, or whatever floats your boat. :)

Tournament Information

LANFest SoCal will offer two types of tournaments, which are free-to-play and pay-to-play. Pay-to-Play tournaments will be ran by SoCal eSports and will require an additional fee to enter. 

Tickets & Prices

  • BYOC Seat
    • $25 online
    • $30 at the door
    • Includes one (1) seat with network hookup, 3.0A of power, and allows participation in all events except Pay-to-Play tournaments.
  • Note: Online registration closes on April 25th 2013 at 11:59PM PDT.After online registration is closed any available tickets can be purchased at the door. Don't delay and save money by registering early!
  • Note: Parking is $11.00 for the weekend

What to Bring

  • For everyone:
    • Confiramtion email showing your payment confirmation, seat number and gamer ID
    • Signed waiver (signed by parent or guardian for anyone under 18)
    • A photo form of identification
  • For BYOC Attendees:
    • Computer or game console
    • Monitor or TV
    • Mouse and Keyboard (and Joystick/GamePad if you use these) or game controllers if you are bringing a console
    • Network (ethernet) cable at 25 feet
    • Power and Video Cables
    • Games (and their required discs if applicable)
    • Headphones (speakers are not allowed)
    • Note: surger protectors will be provided (you will not be allowed to use your own)

Power Restrictions

  • Power Limit: 3.0A
  • Socket Limit: Two (2) 110V sockets
    • Note: If you have power adapters that take up additional space on a power strip, please bring a short extension cable so you do not block other people's sockets
  • Warning: Any device beyond your comptuer (or console or notebook) and monitor such as external hard drives, cell phones, etc. will need admin approval to be connected. Failure to follow these guidelines will be grounds for dismissal from the event at the admins discretion.


Please click here to download the LANFest SoCal Waiver.

Under 18 Information

Minors 14 and under must be escorted by their guardian at all times. Please refer to the table below for the requirements for allowing minors 16 and older to the event. The waiver can be found here. 

Attendee's Age Regular Hours (9AM to 1AM) Minor Curfew (10PM to 1AM)
Under 16yo
  • Section II signed, and
  • Section III signed, and
  • Parent or guardian present
  • Section II signed, and
  • Section III signed, and
  • Parent or guardian present
16yo, 17yo
  • Section II signed, and
  • Section III signed, and
  • Either:
    • Parent or guardian present, or
    • Unescorted box in section III signed, or
    • Chaperone box signed and chaperone present
  • Section II signed, and
  • Section III signed, and
  • Either:
    • Parent or guardian present, or
    • Chaperone box signed and chaperone present

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