MassiveLAN MLP'019 Winter

Contests & Tournaments

In order to participate in any of our tournaments you must be signed up, paid, and in attendence for our event. To register, click here

PC Tournaments

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

FPP Only. 2 Rounds battle royal for Erangel supremacy.



Rainbow 6 Siege

Big updates and even bigger vote totals push this game as our #1 requested tournament. Teams of 5, round robin open challenge.


Still on our list?!

Rocket League

Aka "fart cars" ;)

Stick Fight: The Game

Classic couch battling. 

Console Tournaments

Stepping up our console game courtesy of the Buffalo Fighting Game Community

Super Smash Bros

Another highly requested game will make a re-appearance this year.

Smash Bros Ultimate

You didn't think we'd leave this out, did you?

Tekken 7

Eddy. Gordo.

Soul Calibur 6

Perhaps it was fate...

Street Fighter 5

It's not Street Fighter 2 Turbo Edition but it'll do

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