MassiveLAN MLP'019 Summer

Welcome to MassiveLAN


Doors open July 12th @ noon until July 14th around 5.


Erie County Fairgrounds in Hamburg. Click here for a map

How much?

$35 or $50, depending on your need.

Come help us raise money for WNY Heroes, a local charity dedicated to giving back to local area veterans. For more info, here's their site. To get signed up, click here. To see what games we're playing, click here.

What's new for this event?

We're trying a few new things this summer. For starters, we're going to have a much improved couch gaming area with use of projectors and consoles for you to use at your leisure, along with a VR setup. We're taking the music scene off the airwaves and opening up a private channel for you to use on your computer only. Improvements to announcements and communications in our discord channel, and more!

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