MassiveLAN MLP'018 Summer

Contests & Tournaments

In order to participate in any of our tournaments you must be signed up, paid, and in attendence for our event. To register, click here

Official Tournaments

Here we have our official tournaments we will run, rain or shine, with the victors taking home a radical piece of our glowing rock*

* rock prizes subject to availability, all others will receive a Trophy (and don't worry, we will 100% have them and last year's trophies)

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

FPP and TPP - 4 man squad Tournament. Both. Count em. 1 round winner take all so don't mess up and all rush school.


Our top voted game in our poll makes a return. 6v6

Rainbow 6 Siege

Aside from a few people trying to inflate the numbers in our poll, this was still widely requested and will reappear this summer.


For some reason you guys want to keep playing this game. Whatever :)

Rocket League

3v3. Always a fan favorite

Super Smash Bros

Another highly requested game will make a re-appearance this year.

Unofficial Tournaments

Here are some games that we'll play and are considering "unofficial"

League of Legends

We will run a tournament, but prize support is based on participation. We need at least 8 teams for prizing.

Quake 3

Good old school deathmatch style craziness

Left 4 Dead 2

A lot of people were interested in this for our poll but not enough to make it an official tournament. We'll run it, though, as a 4v4 unofficial sometime over the weekend.

Let us know what you think in our discord server!

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