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In order to participate in any of our tournaments you must be signed up, paid, and in attendence for our event. To register, click here

Yes we are aware that CS:GO and Rocket League are off the list. If we can't find a way to work these in they will more than likely be back for the winter event.


Everyone keeps telling me this is still a thing. 6v6

League of Legends

This game will not die!

  • Saturday, January 7th around
  • 5v5 summoners rift. 
  • Draft Pick mode ONLY. NO BLIND PICK
  • Best of 1 (one). 
  • Single elimination
  • Blue/red decided at random
  • 1st place gets trophies
  • Other Prizes based on availability

Left 4 Dead 2

Need to bring back this old classic for some good times and tense moments. 4v4

Gang Beasts

Couch style. Smack a b* with another b*. 2v2 this time

Injustice 2

On da console. Not sure which one, don't ask. Git gud.

Stuff we're not yet sure about

We have some things we'd LIKE to do, but aren't sure if we'll have time or not, but we're letting you know more maximum hype.

Player Unknowns' Battlegrounds (PUBG)

This game is super hot right now, but we're trying to find a server we can use or some rules that will work in the event that we are unable to. If we can't do it we'll probably do CS:GO or something

Smash Bros Melee

Here because of request! We're going to see if we can work this into the schedule, at the very least it will be available for freeplay.

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