Q:  What is this thing?

A:  A MiniBash is a small LAN party hosted by LANFest DESERTBASH, a charitable non-profit joint venture between Intel gamers and non-Intel local gaming communities.  In Arizona, the DESERTBASH community coordinates these fun events!  DESERTBASH is known for massive LAN parties and these mini-BASHes are our effort to pull the AZ gaming community back together to both raise money for charity and spread the word to ensure we have a great turn out for a large DESERTBASH LAN Party in 2015!

Q:  How do I attend?  

A:  You must register online in order to attend.  We request a $15 donation to Child's Play charity for all attendees.  Intel employees and friends can always come to spectate for free, but the donation is needed in order to get you an all-day seat for your computer.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A:  You will be emailed a receipt with a printable waiver.  Print both of these, sign the waiver and bring it with you.  Aside from that, BYOC means bring your own computer. You must bring your own gaming computer, power cords, long ethernet cord (just in case), keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headphones, monitor, power strip & extension cord (just in case), cables, etc. 

Q:  Do I have to bring money or donate to the charity?

A:  Aside from paying for your ticket, Nope!  But charity donations are GREATLY appreciated at the event! Please bring cash donations in exchange for snacks and drinks!  We are giving away snacks and soda to help raise money for Child's Play Charity.  We are also giving out raffle tickets in exchange for charity donations as well!

Q:  Can I donate directly?

A:  You can!  Even if you can't make it but would still like to donate, please click here to donate!

Q:  Anything I need to do before I come?

A:  So glad you asked!!  BEFORE YOU COME TO THE LAN, make sure that you do the following:
* Update your computer with any needed Windows updates, virus scans, updated video card drivers, whatever you need.  Do this before you get to the LAN in case anything goes wrong and so that you can get right to gaming.
* Make sure your games are patched and updated.  Open up Steam, Origin or whatever and make sure all the games you want to play are fully updated.  LAN parties have limited download speeds so get all this done before hand!
* Disable any downloading programs such as bittorrent!

Q:  Who can come?  

A:  Anyone!  We allow Intel employees, their guests, and all other prior LANFest or mini-Bash attendees and friends to attend…basically if you have this link, you can register!  Everyone will sign an Intel-Legal-approved liability waiver.  

Q:  How do I participate in the tournaments? 

A:  Upon entering the event, you can sign up for the tournament(s) of your choice.  There's no extra donation required to enter the competitions!

Q:  Will there be prizes for attendees? 

A:  Maybe!  Usually!  We're working on that and will send an update once we have final prize confirmation.

Q:  Since this is an all-day thing, what do I do for food? 

A:  We will be offering snacks/drinks at the party in exchange for small charity donations.  At lunch, we will generally do an (optional) group pizza order so folks don’t have to stop playing should they choose to be part of the pizza order.  However, you are always free to leave on your own and visit nearby restaurants.  Security is generally good and most folks just leave their computers in the room if they leave for lunch.

Q:  What happens if I need to cancel or I can't come anymore?

A:  Please click here for the LANFest refund policy.  If you do not want a refund but still cannot come, PLEASE open a support ticket so we can remove your assigned seat.  If you register but don't come, that means less room for other gamers and possibly less money for charity.  Please email us if you can't make it!  This is very important!

Q:  What games will you be playing?

A:  EVERYTHING!  Like most LAN parties, bring what you want to play and we'll all jump in!  The most popular games usually get the most tractions.  So just bring what you like!  If we decide to run any tournaments, we'll make sure to let everyone know before the LAN.

Q:  Can I pick my seat?  

A:  Yes, the sooner you pay for your ticket, the sooner you can pick your seat.  The seating chart looks like this:  You can see the direction everyone will be sitting by looking at the location of the X.

Q:  Where is this place?  Where do I Park?  How do I get there?

A:  This image will help you find the building better and show you where to park.  Otherwise, Google maps will take you right there.  Just use this address:  Intel Fab 32 - 4500 S. Dobson Rd. Chandler AZ, 85248 Room: Building OC8, Rooms 102/103

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