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Staying safe doesn't mean we can't get together for gaming.  We're all gathering on our Discord server for a weekend of gaming, and helping to combat COVID-19 at the same time.  We've got our customary schedule chock full of tournaments and computer games as well as the regular raffle.  We're also adding in some new things this year, including board games.

Get your weekend pass today!  This will get you a raffle ticket and into as many tournaments as possible.


InfernaWAN has a variety of competitive tournaments for the most avid gamers! Whether you're an aspiring pro or want to see how you stack up against other gamers, we've got a tournament for you! We'll be streaming a variety of tournaments on different channels throughout the weekend, join us in #tournaments at InfernaLAN Discord for further questions. Want to help coordinate a tournament? Ask any member of @staff. Tournaments cost $5 to enter, or are free if you have a Weekend Pass. Get your tickets over at Registration.

NOTE! It is free to participate in any tournament but to be eligible for a prize you need to have paid for entry via weekend pass or a single ticket for that tournament.


We all get tired and need a break from our competitive games, or want to find a group to chat with while we wait for the next round to start in the tournaments. We will have drop in channels ready to serve with casual games such as Jackbox Games, Factorio, Minecraft, Golf with your Friends and several virtual board games.

Social Distancing?

Our goal is to not miss out on all the social interaction that happens in a regular face to face LAN. We have channels for people to hang around and talk like a regular LAN. We plan to have educational channels with virtual panels and other learning opportunities. We would love your input with any ideas for this upcoming event to make our first vitual LAN amazing, please give us your thoughts in our discord input channel


We all want to help combat COVID-19, and this is a way how.  All proceeds from this event are going to going to a chosen local charity to help them in their fight against the pandemic.  Additionally, we've put together a community on DonorDrive to allow each and every one of you to gather donations while you game. Everyone go here and register to help us raise money for the cause, and win amazing perks!

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