Michigan Gamers for Giving 2013


Gamers for Giving 2013 will feature four headline tournaments with prize pools. All prize pools are guaranteed. Details regarding these activities can be found in the table below. Please note, those wishing to compete in the StarCraft 2 or League of Legends tournaments need only purchase a seat in the BYOC LAN. All PC gaming tournaments are open to LANFest participants. Activities and tournaments aside from the cash prize events will also be taking place during the LAN. 

For those competing in the PC tournaments: in addition to being familiar with the rules and regulations of the respective tournaments, please reference the LANFest information on the Event Info page for details regarding what equipment you'll need to bring to the LAN.

The Call of Duty and Halo tournaments are seperate activities with their own entry fees. Players are welcome to participate in multiple events. Each participant must register individually. Discounted tickets are available for individuals wishing to participate in multiple activities.

All participants must bring signed waivers to the event. Participants under the age of 18 will need to have a parent / guardian's signature as well.

Rules, Settings, & Waivers

If you cannont download the PDFs below, please get in touch with us using the Support ticket functionality of the website. Please note, rules and settings are subject to change. If any edits are made to the settings below, we'll post an update in our blog roll.

EVENT Start Date & Time Total Prize Pool Rules & Settings Event Waiver & Parental Consent 
StarCraft 2 Tournament Saturday February 16th -10 AM $750 Download PDF Download PDF
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Tournament Saturday February 16th - 10 AM $2,250 Download PDF Download PDF
Halo 4 Tournament Sunday February 17th - 10 AM $2,250 Download PDF Download PDF
League of Legends Tournament Saturday February 16th - 10 AM $1,500 Download PDF Download PDF