Emerald City Emerald City @ SHS Winter 20

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Emerald City @ Seattle Home Show Winter 2020 will be held February 21st - 23rd (Friday 10:00am to Sunday 6:00pm) at the Seattle Home Show - CenturyLink Event Center in Seattle, Washington.

The event runs overnight both days, with an equipment lockdown from 7pm - 10am each night (no equipment may be removed).

Stan for charity, win door prizes, emerge victorious in tournaments and have full access to the latest home products on display at the show when you’re taking a break from BYOC gaming.

This event is dedicated to raising funds for Operation Homefront, a local Seattle Charity based out of Everett, WA.

Never been to a B.Y.O.C.? A “Bring Your Own Computer” LAN party is an event where gamers come together with their own computers to play video games in a live environment with friends. LAN parties are a part of gaming culture. They’re a great chance to meet new people, and share your passion for gaming with fellow enthusiasts. Purchasing a ticket for the LAN gets you a seat, table space, power, and internet access (as well as Seattle Home Show access).

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For questions, suggestions and comments please visit our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/emeraldcitylanfest
For assistance with registration issues, refunds, and BYOC seats, please open a Support Ticket


Event Schedule is TBA, but suffice to say we'll be playing any and all games all weekend!


What to bring:

For everyone:

  • Your receipt, provided via email after you purchase your ticket (printed or mobile)
  • Your ID / Driver's License to access the loading area
  • Signed Waiver (if you are under 18, your legal guardian needs to sign the waiver).
  • If you are 15 and under, you must be accompanied by a legal guardian for the entire event.

For BYOC attendees, please bring:

  • Your seating selection registration (mobile)
  • Computer and display (or laptop)
  • Headphones (speakers are not allowed)
  • LONG Network cable (25ft)
  • Power and Video Cables for both Display and Computer
  • Mouse and Keyboard and/or Joystick/GamePad
  • Mousepad

Power Restrictions:
Two (2) sockets (desktop and monitor) for a combined current of 3.0A maximum. Anything beyond a computer and monitor has to be approved by the admins.

What not to bring:

  • Surge Protectors (We provide them, you will not be allowed to use your own)
  • More than 2 powered devices, unless you purchase a second seat or premium seat
  • Sofas, Recliners, Futons, and other large Furniture of the sort
  • Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, etc.
  • A bad attitude

Failure to follow these rules is grounds for dismissal from the event at the admin discretion.

Important Information For Those Under 18

For those of you planning to attend LANFest (sponsored by Intel) who are 16 or 17, please download, print, and have your legal guardian complete the LANFest Disclaimer and Legal Form. You must present this completed form at LANFest check-in in order to participate. Don't forget!
Note: Children age 15 and under must be accompanied by a legal guardian for the entire event.

BYOC Seat Reservation How To

BYOC Seats can only be reserved after your payment has been received and your balance reaches $0.00. If there is a seat you want at the event, make sure you pay your balance using the Paypal banners on the registration page.

IMPORTANT: Your place at LANFest is confirmed only when you have both paid AND selected your seat. Seats are available on a first to reserve basis. Payment alone does not confirm your seat.
*If you experience an issue or have questions, Most support tickets are resolved within 24 hours of being submitted.


Is there a way to get in just to look aroung for free?
The event encompasses both LANFest and the Seattle Home Show, so you'd need to buy a Seattle Home Show ticket at the entrance to hang out and walk around, OR a LANFest ticket if you want a BYOC seat as well.
...so do i need to purchase a Home Show ticket if purchase a seat online?
The LANFest BYOC ticket does give you access to the full homeshow all three days!
Is there going to be a place for folks to park for the entire weekend?
Yes, there is an unload area (10m limit) and overnight parking available in the Mariner's Garage.
Is there a prize pool for ECL Winter 2020?
We have intentions to bring at least one cash prize tournament to the LAN. Details TBA.
The home show has a 'Four or more park free' deal.. since we get tickets to the event, are we entitled to their parking perk?
Parking is not included in LANFest ticket sales. However, any Seattle Home Show parking deals that are available the day you arrive will apply, including "Four or more park free".
Do we know what is security going to look like? CenturyLink has very restrictive bag rules for regular public events, will that apply to our attendees?
Security will be allowing loading and unloading at the West Hall loading bay off of the parking garage where LANFest Staff will be monitoring equipment. All other entrances will have standard restrictive security policies.
What is the equipment and security policy for the show?
All show attendees will be required to present ID to security to move equipment during regular hours. During equipment lockdown (7pm - 10am), no equipment may be moved. Equipment includes everything that is not a personal bag (purse/backpack) and non-Seattle Home Show swag. All bags are open to inspection at entrances / exits.
How are walk-up registrations handled?
Walk-up registrations must first purchase both parking AND a Seattle Home Show ticket to be allowed into the show. Then they must purchase a LANFest ticket. This is due to the stringent security measures in place protecting both people and equipment.
What games will probably be played in events?
Most of the event will be unstructured free play, with organized events in-between. Players tend to use this Discord to find others to play with. The organized events are either Free to Play or one of the most popular games among attendees, and often have ticket prizing. We are aiming for at least one cash prize tournament, details TBA.
How can I get the "Attendee" flair on Discord if I'm attending the LAN?
Attendee flair is updated every 24hrs or so. As long as we can match your Discord name in this server to the Discord Flair text field on the ticket, you'll see it soon!

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