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Hello Seattle! 
We are happy to announce that we are back for another event as part of the awesome group that is LANfest! Thanks to the awesome location that AtlasNetworks provides we have super-fast internet for the event plus we are in the middle of downtown Seattle!

Food Drive!
For this event we are partnering with Northwest Harvest for a food drive for the Thanksgiving season!
For each 10lbs of food donated you will get 1 additional raffle ticket. Although just like last time you can only win 1 prize. If another ticket of yours gets drawn you can trade in your prize for the other one you won.
for info on northwest harvest go check out their site:
Here is a link to what they are looking for in donations:
To keep things fair we are limiting people to weighing 1 case of water for raffle tickets, feel free to donate additional cases.


Event start: Friday, October 4 @ 5PM


Event end: Sunday, October 6 @ 5pm

(YEAH! 48h of LAN goodness)



2401 Utah Ave South
Seattle, WA 98134
Pre-Event Price:
$30 per seat
At door price:
(If we haven't sold out)
$35 per seat


What you get:

32" of table space, a chair, two power outlets (3 amps max per seat), a network port (with internet), and food on saturday.

We are working to bring new food options to the Fall LAN, look for an annoucement closer to the event!


What to bring:

  • Your Government issued ID (Driver's License, State ID, or Passport) and Signed LANfest waiver.
  • Network cable (at least 25' to be safe)
  • Computer equipment & cables (Computer, Monitor (24" max), Keyboard, Mouse, headphones, mousepad, etc)
  • You can also bring a chair of your own if you want, just make sure it doesn't roll into the way of the aisle.
  • Sleeping stuff (if you plan to sleep at the event) we should have a designated sleeping area by the time the event happens
  • Your games (although everything is on Steam or Origin nowadays)
  • You are more than welcome to bring a cooler of drinks & food for yourself & friends, try to use the re-useable icepacks. Water ice makes a mess. Also please clean up after yourself!


What not to bring:

  • A bad attitude (we are all here to have FUN)
  • Your game cheats/hax
  • Drugs or alcohol (not allowed on premise)
  • Weapons of any kind (I shouldn't have to say anything but... hey)


Be sure to visit our LANFest forum too!


About EmeraldCityLAN:
It’s long been told that the light on the top of the space needle is the fabled “Weedle on the Needle”. I’m here to shatter your illusions of the Seattle populace. WE ARE GAMERS. That light you see on top of the space needle? That’s the power light on a computer case… on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Fridays, it’s the green glow of a XBOX 360 light. That Sasquatch is a diehard, cold nerved gamer. He’s from the LANd of Microsoft, Nintendo - North America, Valve, PopCap, Runic and many other game and IT companies. It has been a long time since there’s been a LAN in the Seattle area. And this Sasquatch is out for two things: to chew bubblegum and play some LAN games and to quote the Duke Nukem and to learn to count correctly and he’s all out of bubblegum.
Emerald City LAN has been put together to give the people a chance to gather and get their game on. We’re a group of gamers that value having a good time and sportsmanship over hyper-competitiveness and elitism. We’ve had experience both working and playing in other people LANs and now it’s our chance to share the gift of gaming. We’re starting out small but it’s a good start. We plan on traveling the length of LAN games with FPSs, MOBAs, RTSs and TBSs. Since you’re one of us, I won’t bother explaining the acronyms. If you googled those acronyms to tell your friends about the LAN? You’re probably also one of us too!
We look forward to you joining us this October (5:00PM 10.4.2013 until 5:00 PM 10.6.2013). Let’s get our game on!

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