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Ask questions in our forums! I will put relevant ones here as well.


Q: What hours does the LAN run each day?
A: The full 48 hours. There will be a night shift that takes over once BigRed leaves for the evening to get sleep. Because he is old.
Q: Do I leave my stuff in the LAN the whole time?
A: Yes. The room is staffed the whole time. We will have a hardware curfew from 1am-7am each morning though. No hardware can leave in that time.
Q: What games are typically played?
A: Whatever is popular this year. TF2, LoL, NS2, COD4/5/6/7/8/9/10/etc, BF3, Starcraft 2, L4D2, etc. If you want to play a game you can find others that are up for it as well.
Q: Can I bring my 30+ something inch monitor/TV?
A: The max monitor size for a single seat is 24" due to power and space constraints. 
Q: Can I bring my high end SLI system?
A: You will have to buy two seats to do that. We allow only 3 amps used per seat. If your computer draws more power than that then you will need to purchase two seats.
Q: Can I bring multiple monitors?
A: Nope, You get two power outlets (computer, monitor). Only 1 computer and 1 monitor. You can buy multiple seats to bring extra stuff if you choose.
Q: Can I bring my own chair?
A: YES! We have tried to source some comfy chairs (as comfy as rental chairs can be at least) for the event but if you want an office chair feel free to bring one. Just put your unused chair up by the stage.
Q: how much power do I get per BYOC seat?
A: 3 amps per seat and two outlets, if you need more than this for your system you will have to purchase multiple seats. There are 6 computers per 20amp circuit. If a circuit keeps popping we will have to investigate the specs/power draw per computer and ask you to bring your power useage down in order to continue to LAN.
Q: Can I bring a switch or own Power strip to increase that? 
A: No outside networking devices are allowed. Any spotted will be removed. Also no daisy chaining power strips. Other than a possible fire hazard they make it far more likely for a breaker to be tripped.
Q: Do I need to bring a network cable?
A: Yes. You will need a network cable to hook your computer up to the network switch at your table. Bring around a 25ft cable otherwise; depending where you are sitting, the switch may be out of your cables reach.
Q: Can I bring *insert friend/Girlfriend/spouse/random person here* in BYOC with me?
A: No, Sorry. To ensure the security of everyone's personal equipment visitors won't be allowed to leave the front area with the registration/security desk.
Q: Is there Internet in the LAN?
A: Yes there will be, although it will be locked down to prevent things like torrenting and throttled so not one person can use up all the bandwidth. We will have a LOT of bandwidth for a LAN of this size though, unlike some past events you have been to. If you remember last event we didn't have any issues. It is nice to be in a datacenter!
Q: Can I bring my xbox/playstation/nintendo console?
A: Sorry, no consoles allowed in here mostly due to power restraints. If there is enough demand I will try and get a console area setup, although the focus of this event is PC LAN gaming.
Q: Can I Bring a cooler in for drinks/snacks?
A: YUP! Although keep it in your table space (don't bring something huge that takes up a lot of space. Also keep it out of the Aisle. Please try and use the re-useable freezer packs though, water ice can make a mess.

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