Colorado LANFest Colorado 2018


Player Eligibility

All players participating in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (henceforth PUBG) competitions must enter their PUBG game ID. The gameaccount is needed to invite players into a custom match and to check if the correct player is playing. In order to participate in tournaments & ladders by LANFest, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a registered player on the LANFest website.
  • You must have an active PUBG account in good standing and link it to your profile.
  • Squads that are invited are not allowed
  • Other squads from organisations that are invited are not allowed
  • Players from invited teams are not allowed in other teams in the qualifiers If you do not not meet these requirements, you will be deemed ineligible.

Sign-ups will be closed for both qualifiers on Sunday 20th of May at 17:00 MDT. If your team has not signed up before this time you will be unable to participate.

Team and Player Names

Only registered team members are allowed to play for a team. Playing in any matches with a ringer is prohibited. Players and teams must compete under their officially registered PUBG team names and Nicknames during all official matches.


Team rosters must consist of at least the minimum amount of players required to participate in a cup. Teams are only allowed to play with players on their roster with a registered gameaccount. All roster changes must be made prior to the start of a cup. Playing with different players and/or illegal ringers will result in punishment.

Game version

All players must install the newest version of the game in order to participate in LANFest tournaments. Updates must be installed before the tournament starts, so delays will be at a minimum.

Technical Issues

Teams are responsible for their own technical issues (hardware/internet). Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues and matches will be played nevertheless. If the warm-up time in starting island is exceeded, the game goes on, even if the issue is not solved yet.


To keep tournaments as efficient as possible, LANFest reserves the right to disqualify teams. This will only be done in cases where a team purposefully stalls or attempts to block the tournament from starting.

Usage of Reshade, SweetFX, VibranceGUI, and other 3rd party programs that enhance, add, modify, or remove game appearance, color, or files, is strictly prohibited during this event.

You as a player are not allowed to add, modify or remove game files from their intended state. Any such manipulation will result in immediate disqualification.

Intentionally changing your character's angle to look through a texture or object is prohibited.

You are not allowed to set two actions to the same key in key bindings.

If your match is streamed on an official channel any removal of clothes will be punished. You are required to keep your character clothed in these matches.

The intentional use of any bugs, glitches, or errors in the game is strictly forbidden and will be penalised. Any team found to be using any known exploit will forfeit their game upon the first occurrence of the exploit. If the team is found to use another known exploit for a second time and it is determined to have been done on purpose they will be removed from the event and barred from any future events. Betting during any LANFest event (by a player, team, or on behalf of anyone associated with the team) is off limits.

PUBG Cup Rules

PUBG Tournament Format

Common Match Settings

  • Server region: NA
  • Team: Squad 4P
  • Player Camera Restriction: First Person only on
  • Map Option: Sunny

Map Pick

All games are to be played with the Erangel "Sunny" map setting. Teams do not pick or ban maps or weather types.

Custom Match Settings


  • Server Region: NA
  • Player Number restriction: 100
  • Team: Squad 4P
  • Zombie mode: Off
  • DBNO Revive: On
  • DBNO revive Casting time: 10s
  • DBNO HP Decreasing rate: 1x
  • Player Camera Restriction: First Person only on
  • Map Option: Sunny
  • Playzone Progress: 1x
  • Centralized circle: 0x
  • Red zone: Disabled
  • Care Package Frequency: 1x
  • Car / Motorbike: 1x
  • Boat: 1x
  • Unarmed attack Damage rate: 1x


  • Sniper Rifles: 1x
  • Assault Rifles: 1x
  • SMGs: 1x
  • Shotguns: 1x
  • Handguns: 1x
  • Throwables: 1x
  • Melee: 1x
  • Crossbow: 1x


  • Scope Attachments: 1x
  • Magazine Attachments: 1x
  • Muzzle Attachments: 1x
  • Stock, Foregrip Attachments: 1x


  • Med kit : 1x
  • First aid: 1x
  • Bandage: 1x
  • Pain killers: 1x
  • Energy drink: 1x
  • Jerry can: 1x


  • Bag Lv1: 1x
  • Bag Lv2: 1x
  • Bag Lv3: 1x
  • Helmet Lv1: 1x
  • Helmet Lv2: 1x
  • Helmet Lv3: 1x
  • Armor Lv1: 1x
  • Armor Lv2: 1x
  • Armor Lv3: 1x


  • Costumes: 0x
  • Ammunitions: 1x

Ranking points

Every kill is worth 10 points.

Placement Placement Points
1 300
2 225
3 190
4 165
5 145
6 130
7 115
8 100
9 85
10 70
11-12 60
13-15 50
16-20 40
21-25 30

Game preparations

Please resolve any problems that might occur before a match starts. Connection or hardware problems during a match could lead to a disqualification by LANFest admins. Make sure all players are eligible to play. In team games, all players must be registered for their corresponding team.

Substitute Players

No substitute players are allowed.

No show

If a participant cannot play at the scheduled start time, we will remove the team from participating in the tournament.

Number of players

Matches should be played with 4 players, if a team is missing a player they will be removed before the tournament start.


In the case that a player(s) disconnects, the team is allowed to continue to play the match at a disadvantage.


Participants can choose to forfeit a match if they wish. Forfeiting will result in 0 points from that match and possible penalty points.


If a match was incorrectly reported into our system, your team has 10 minutes to protest (here) the report. Match protests must include media evidence clearly showing the results of the match/series.Teams are responsible for providing proof of match results in case of disputes.


A rehost can only be played with admin initiation. Disconnects and lag issues will only qualify for a re-host if the issue occurs within the first 60 seconds of the game and affects a significant amount of players.


Observers are organized by LANFest admins and people that are given permission by an admin (e.g. shoutcasters or streamers).


All results will be input by LANFest personnel. If anything is unclear, participants should have screenshots available to verify the result and file a protest.

Communication & Support

Please use the LANFest Discord (linked on the tournament page) or submit a support ticket for any assistance during the cup. For general purpose communications we ask teams to use our PUBG Discord-server.


All participants must adhere to the decisions and rules of the tournament organizers, admins, and referees. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated. Conversations, either verbal or written, between organizers, admins, or referees, and participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained.

Penalty Point Catalogue

In general, a player and the team can receive up to 6 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment. A team is only punished once per violation, regardless of how many players. Where a player or team receives penalty points for multiple violations, the penalty points are added together.


Rule violation Number of penalty points
No show Team: 3; Player: 2
Reject compulsory challenge Normal: 1 / Intense (top 10): 2
Abort match Player / Team: 2

Use of ineligible player

Rule violation Number of penalty points
Inactive barrage Player / Team: 3
Barraged Player / Team: 6
Unregistered player Player / Team: 3
Missing Premium (where required) Player / Team: 3
Missing Trusted (where required) Player / Team: 3
Ringer/Faker Player / Team: 6
Playing with wrong gameaccount Player / Team: 3
Playing without a registered gameaccount Player / Team: 3

Unsportsmanlike behaviour

Rule violation Number of penalty points
Multiple/Fake accounts Warning / 1-3 penalty points
Deception Player / Team: 1 - 4
Fake result Player / Team: 4
Fake match media Player / Team: 6
Fake match Player / Team: 6
Cheating Player: 12 / Team: 6

Matches get only deleted if the team/player violating the rules won the match.

Only a team, which participated in a match, can complain about the results in any way. All rules are subject to change without notification.

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