Equipment Wishlist

ECL is accepting most modern networking hardware. Here's a list of specific things we need to update:

  • 48-port switches (10G uplinks and any optics / transceivers available)
  • 10G capable switches to be used for core/aggregation
  • New LANCache server
    • CPU: 4 Cores, 8 Threads; or better
      RAM: 8 GB or more
      Drives: Preferably 1 TB+ fast disk storage (ssd or hybrid hdd)
      IFs: 10G preferred 


LANFest supports STEM iniatives by teaching kids across the US. We are always accepting:

  • Old ATX Machines for our "Build Your Own PC Workshop"
  • 16GB+ USB drives for workshops
  • 1080p+ Projectors for workshops
  • NUCs or Raspberry Pi's for event displays


To arrange pickup: Contact a @staff member on our Discord:

Support ECL

Don't have networking equipment but still want to help improve ECL's fundraisers? Buying VIP, Hero, or donating extra when purchasing a ticket goes a long way to helping us out.

See our current events on the main page.

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